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Signature Coaching

Personal Empowerment and Transformative Coaching

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Service Description

“Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing is a field. I'll meet you there.”– Rumi The Signature Coaching approach involves meeting you where you currently stand in life. I’ve found that through working with the realities of your day to day, over a period of time, gives us everything we need to access, explore, and work through the deeper layers of your beingness and will lead you to a state of authenticity and empowerment. Clear, confident, and energized. This real-time method, where life itself is the feed-back loop, is akin to ‘on the job training and mentoring’. Enabling you to develop, apply, fine-tune, and integrate insights and skills as we progress. Ones you can rely on long after our time together to keep meeting yourself, develop further mastery, navigate future challenges, and excel in your pursuits. If you're seeking a coach with a step-by-step program, checklist, or summary of techniques to help you ‘figure out’ and ‘fix’ your current challenges, I am not the right coach for you. What is truly causing your difficulties could be anything. It’s easy to confuse the symptom for the problem, and what’s effective for someone else may not be for you. The inner landscape is intricate and sophisticated. The language and logic of the mind, heart, body, and spirit differ. Deep-seated conditioning and (ancestral) patterns for example run deep, and although there are commonalities, we each have our own essence, experiences, gifts, talents, preferences, challenges, and coping mechanisms driving us. Embarking on a coaching journey is an enriching and transformative experience. I’d be honored to serve as your guide, friend and partner navigating this terrain, choosing approaches suitable for your unique make-up, circumstances, and goals. Packages, pricing and payment plans available. Single Session: Duration: aprox. 1,5 hrs Cost: € 242,- / $ 250 3 -month package, 12 weekly sessions on-line: Cost: € 2.420,- / $ 2500,- Custom offers, including in-person options, and payment plans available upon request. When requesting payment plan, be sure that Money Consciousness will be on our radar to improve for you!

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