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About Me

Like you, I am a human being living my life. I try to live it as openly, honestly, and courageously as I can.


I grew up in an environment where spirituality and intuition wasn’t ‘a thing’, too much emotion was frowned upon, and fitting in and achieving was important. Initially I studied communications and went to work for an international Advertising Agency until the demands of career and kids became incompatible. My husband and I joined forces professionally by going into business for ourselves as brokers in investment real estate. 


Parallel to running our business and raising a family - we have a son and a daughter - I did a lot of courses, trainings and self study. Initially to try and find answers and better ways to deal with the challenges I was experiencing, but over time an almost insatiable desire to learn and experience as much as I could ignited. Anything relating to self-development, emotions, the mind body connection,  science of happiness, consciousness, metaphysics, ancient and indigenous wisdom traditions, etc. got me going. I immersed myself both intellectually and experimentally.  Looking back I can say: I definitely took the red pill!


My personal experiences and training in Energy Reading and Healing, Transformational Breathwork, Intuitive Coaching, Systemic - and  Somaticwork over the last 20 years, and in the meantime 10 years of experience working with people from all walks of life and backgrounds, have not only helped me find my way in life, it helped me liberate myself from trauma and conditioning, leaving me with a great appreciation and understanding of the intricacies of the human experience and the connected nature of our mind, body, spirit and environment. 


I’ve had the privilege to work with amazing teachers, clients, and students; all who helped me develop and hone my skills. And most importantly: become who I am today. 


I expect that life will keep me growing and learning as I go along. Always being and becoming the best me I can be for myself, family, friends, clients, students and the world I live in. To me, that is living my best life.


My services are here to help you do the same - in your way.  I look forward to helping you discover what that means and looks like for you, and live it. 

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