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your energy
creates your reality

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Malka Schliesser

Empowerment & Energy Coach | Teacher Intuitive Development and Energy Reading | Breath worker |Transformation & Inner Journey Guide | Spiritual Consultant

Talks about #selfawareness #empowerment #authenticity #integrity #alignement #heartcentredliving #energywork #fulfillment

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You want to feel good about yourself and your life:

on track, energized, grateful and happy to get out of bed, greet the day and make it count.

But it sure as hell doesn’t look or feel like that now. 

You find yourself more and more tired, dissatisfied, frustrated, and lacking the energy, clarity, and confidence to change it. You may even believe that this is just how life is, or worse: that you don’t deserve better.


Do you yearn for better or more ?

Do you feel like you have lost yourself or are adrift ?

Overwhelmed, afraid to truly feel your emotions or take action on your desires ?

Afraid you can't thrive because of the challenges you face or the (ancestral)trauma you carry ?


If the answer is yes, it’s time. 


Reclaim your power, and discover the beat of your drum.


Take a minute to breathe that in. 

It’s okay if it feels scary, daunting, or impossible.

Let’s face it, if it wasn’t you would already be doing it.

The good news is: I can help you with that!  

And you'll experience results quickly

 I help people re-establish - heal, integrate and strengthen - their connection with themselves;  

To become more self aware physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It's not always easy, but it is always possible to take ownership of your life and live

from a heart-centered and empowered place. 

I'd be honored to help you meet yourself truly, and committed to see you thrive

You will experience lasting results quickly.

I want you to feel present, energized and excited about your life again.

True to yourself and successful. Able to take action,

enjoy your successes and be resilient when life is tough.

Don't you? 

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